President's Message

By Charlie Pelizza

Welcome back! Not only are our migrants back from their winter journeys, but the Friends are back to offering in-person activities! I’m not sure which is more exciting!

It’s been a cool and wet spring, but I’m encouraged to hear wood ducks whistling in the forested wetlands, looking for an old hollowed out tree in which to build a nest. Mason bees are swarming my bee boxes, promising good pollination of fruit trees, garden vegetables, and native flowers. And barn swallows are back at my neighbor’s horse barn, swooping through the late afternoon sky, keeping the emerging mosquito population in check. All tell tale signs that spring is in full swing and summer is around the corner.

But what is really exciting is that after a halt of two years, we have started to host activities and welcome folks to enjoy being in or learning about our natural resources. 

We offer guided nature hikes throughout the summer on several of the Refuge trails.  And we just finished our Migratory Bird Day presentation with author and naturalist John Rakestraw at the Adrift Hotel and a field trip to the Refuge on shorebird identification and appreciation.

And we have more to come!  Boat trips to Long Island and a return of our signature Wings Over Willapa bird festival are all in the works. Please check out our website for details, and we hope to see you, in-person, at one of our many upcoming events!

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