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Project Information

This project in progress at the new refuge headquarters creates a functional artwork of four originally-designed tables. The tables are being designed and installed by Gary Carpenter, a Washington state artist who created the dragonfly table at the Art Trail on the former Willapa National Wildlife Refuge headquarters.

The tables are designed in a Borromean Ring formation – three rings that cannot be separated without harm to the whole. The creation celebrates the three refuge environments which converge at Willapa Bay – coastal old growth forests, coastal beaches, and the estuary. Three tables will surround a fourth, smaller table. Each ring of the tables, and the stools, highlights one species from its corresponding environment.

This project will be a beautiful way to introduce, inspire, and teach visitors and students about Willapa National Wildlife Refuge intersecting environments, and the strong connections each environment has to the others.

The Friends are fundraising to support the Convergence Project.

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From the Artist

“The title of this project, Convergence, refers to both the intersection of these three environments, as well as to this site as a place where people will converge, share ideas and meals, and learn about these amazing ecosystems and the flora and fauna that dwell within them.”

The tables will be one-of-a-kind pieces — part art, part science, and part infrastructure. They are made of terrazzo, a beautiful and durable material that incorporates multiple colors to represent the tones of each of the environments and many wildlife species. School groups and visitors will be able to enjoy the tables to orient and learn about the unique convergence of the three habitats and abundant wildlife of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge.

Project Update, November 2022

The Convergence Art Table Project is taking shape at the new refuge headquarters! Artist Gary Carpenter formed the tabletops with rebar and cement, then poured the foundation and bases for the four table and stool sets. In September the table tops were installed at their site overlooking the bay. 

Next is final design and formation of the stool tops, each to feature a different wildlife or plant species. Final installation is expected in Spring of 2023. An interpretive sign and native vegetation around the tables will also be added to the final site. 

The tables installed overlooking Willapa Bay

Artist Gary Carpenter sketch of table design

Three sets of tables surrounding a smaller fourth. Each larger table represents three environments and highlights different species on table and stool tops. Center table (broken rings) with three levels of table and stool height.

Other Refuge Art Projects

The other art projects at Willapa National Wildlife Refuge — the Art Trail and dragonfly table — have inspired us because of their integration of art into environmental learning. This is not only appealing, but a beautiful alternative and effective approach to inspiring people to interact with and learn about the natural environment. The power of these art projects will inspire children and other visitors to be stewards of special places like Willapa NWR.


Please contribute to this inspiring and functional project.

Donation Levels

  • Shearwater   $50 to $99
  • Belted Kingfisher $100 to $249
  • Northern Flicker    $250 to $499
  • Cinnamon Teal     $500 to $749
  • Snowy Plover       $750 and over

All donors will receive an invitation to a reception to view the Convergence Project.

All donors contributing $100 or more will receive an invitation for a special showing with the artist.

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