Enriching the Soil Naturally

By Rebecca Lexa

Any time of year is a good time to create a compost heap! You can compost just about any organic material, although some will break down sooner than others. There are options to fit almost any household.

If you have a yard, the easiest method is to simply create a spot out of the way for the compost. You can buy a commercial compost barrel or create one yourself. An easy compost container is to make a square with four wooden pallets, with the open ends facing up. Drive a t-post into each one of these spaces to hold the pallets; you can lift a pallet off the posts if you need to remove it to reach the compost for easier turning.

Vermicomposting, composting with worms, also works well, although the smaller area will reduce the amount of material that you compost. All you need is a plastic storage bin with ventilation holes poked in the lid, some newspaper and food scraps, and red wiggler worms.

You can use compost in your garden or yard; your plants will thank you. Here are some good resources to help you get started:

Compost Magazine

EPA on Composting

Food Network on composting

The Spruce on composting

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