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Exciting and Fulfilling Volunteer Opportunities

Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

The Friends invite you to join a dedicated and enthusiastic small group working to support the restoration, conservation, and educational services of the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. This is your chance to make a difference in your community and use your time and skills to support our unique and wonderful wildlife refuge.

Instead of end-of-year fundraising, the Friends Board is asking you for something as valuable as money – your time. Because of the normal fluctuations in membership of our committees and the Board, we are facing a severe shortage of our human resources. We would like to add some more dedicated folks to our great team, and you can be a valued part of the vital work we are doing with the Refuge.

To maintain our current projects and events that support the Refuge, we need your help in the following areas. These opportunities vary in terms of the skills and time required. Some can only be accomplished in person, and some can be completed online. But all are critically important to the success of the Friends of the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. Please contact us about these positions so we can help you put your experience and skills to work locally.

Please email us to talk more about these opportunities:

Needed Now

Community Outreach

Help identify opportunities for the Friends to present information to community organizations, including businesses, non-profits, schools, and government agencies. Advise on the creation and distribution of presentations and promotion materials. Work with Refuge staff to select priority groups. Estimated time required: Four to six hours a month. Skills needed:  Knowledge of the community and ability to identify community needs and interests. Communication skills needed.

Social Media Coordinator

Working with our administrative assistant this volunteer will coordinate the content and layout of the quarterly Friends Newsletter. Post related content to Friends’ Facebook groups and seek other social media opportunities. Estimated time required: At least one hour weekly online. 12 hours each quarter to produce the newsletter. Skills needed: Research and writing; communication and organizational skills.                                    

Assistant to Volunteer Coordinator

We need a skilled and organized individual to maintain the Friends volunteer list and help coordinate volunteers for events as needed. This volunteer will communicate with Refuge staff and the Friends’ administrative assistant to contact volunteers to help with specific events and keep an updated log. Estimated time required. Two hours a month and as needed depending on the event schedule. Skills needed: Communication and organizational skills.

Grant Writer

Grants funds are one of the primary ways that the Friends assist the Refuge to support special projects and events. We need an experienced resourceful volunteer to seek applicable grants, present options to the board, and then write and administer the grants. Estimated time required: As needed; Varies depending on the project. Skills needed: Research and writing skills; communication.


Our fantastic Board members are the lifeblood of our organization and leaders in local wildlife conservation efforts. Friends Board members serve for a two-year term and are eligible for a total of three terms. Members attend regular and special meetings; participate in Friends’ programs; and represent the Friends in the community. Board members are enthusiastic about the mission of the Refuge but are not expected to have a background in natural resources.  Board members enjoy working with others to meet common objectives and have fun doing so.

Estimated time required: Board service hours vary from month to month. Some board members have more time to dedicate to board service, ranging from a few hours per month to ten hours or more per week. Service hours per month may include: Monthly board meetings: 2-4 hours (preparation and attendance). Committee meetings: 2 hours a month, Special events: 3 hours a quarter.

Needed: People with various and diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences and the desire to make a difference. Interests in marketing, money management, communications, event planning, working with others to reach common goals.


Directors serve on committees that meet their interests. They participate in all board activities and meetings but do not hold an office. We have three openings for Directors due to outgoing directors who have served their terms.


The Secretary position is currently vacant. This position is one of the four officers for the Board. The Secretary provides administrative and clerical support to the Board through the timely and accurate collection and sharing of information. Special skills required: Organized and detail oriented. The Friend’s administrative assistant provides help with record keeping and clerical duties.

Vice president

The Vice President position is currently vacant. This position is one of the four officers for the Board. The incumbent is typically the successor to the President and acts as President, during their absence. Special skills required: Organized and ready to lead meetings.

 Seasonal Volunteer Positions

Wings Keynote Event Organizer

A keynote speaker event is a highlight of the Wings Festival. A Chair is needed to organize this event. Duties include coordinating the speaker’s travel and fees, organizing the meal and venue, obtaining the liquor license, and coordinating the set-up of the room day of the event. 

Estimated time required: A few days to organize the event. Eight hours on the day of the event. Time required to report on progress to the Planning Committee, approximately 2-4 hours a month from January - September. Skills needed: Organization and communication skills.

June - Annual Auction Volunteers

The Friend’s annual auction can be online or a silent auction, held during the Wings Festival in September. This committee needs volunteers to solicit donations; write short descriptions of the items; photograph the items; keep a log of donors; conduct the auction; and organize the distribution of auction items. Estimated time required: Dependent on the task. Most work takes place from July to September. Approximately 1-2 hours a week with more time needed during September. Skills needed: Dependent on the volunteer’s task but include being well organized, writing, outgoing and friendly personality, and basic photography skills.

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