Trails Report


by: Susan A. Stauffer, Trails Coordinator

We are happy to report that the Friends have an active Trails Group that is responsible for surveying trails and performing light trial maintenance. In 2017 our duties expanded to include garbage clean-up of the Refuge lands and the maintenance of the Friends portion of HWY 101 near the current Refuge Headquarters.

In 2016 enthusiastic Trail Group volunteers went to Long Island and spent the day hiking the trails, doing light maintenance and reported back to the Refuge Headquarters about major concerns of the trails for Refuge follow up. We also went to Teal Slough and Leadbetter Point.

In 2017 some of us attended the Noxious Weed workshop put on by the Pacific County Noxious Weed board. In February, on a rare sunny day, we visited Riekkola and then went to Tarlatt collecting six full bags of garbage on our journeys. We also got to see around 500+ Canada Geese, 9 Snow Geese, a Kestrel, along with other birds/waterfowl as we surveyed Tarlatt and went to the Tarlatt blind.

Here are the currently scheduled Trail activities in 2017: a HWY 101 clean up on Saturday, May 13, 2017, start time noon, meeting at Refuge Headquarters and a joint effort with the Outreach Committee’s hosting the Chehalis Land Trust Group on Saturday September 16, 2017, with details to be provided at a later date.

We plan to set up more Trail maintenance trips to Teal Slough, Greenhead Slough, Leadbetter, Long Island, and Tarlatt this year. New volunteers are welcome to sign up to be part of this Committee and to participate as your time may allow. If you are interested just contact or 360-606-2853. We try to provide several weeks of advance notice of any Trail maintenance activities so we all can plan accordingly.

We look forward to hearing from anyone interested in our Group and if you have any questions just feel free to contact me.

From left: Al Franklin, Judy Franklin, Jean Stauffer, Rita Nicely, Todd Weigardt, Susan Spence and Ken Gollings.

Susan Stauffer photo