Trail Maintenance

Hi All,

I am Susan Stauffer and I am the Trails/Infrastructure Committee chairperson for the Friends of Willapa Wildlife Refuge.

The Trails Committee is in the process of getting organized to assist the Refuge by conducting a survey of the trails and their conditions. The Refuge will be using some youth groups this summer to perform the majority of the needed trail maintenance. However, the Trails Committee will need volunteers to assist in surveying the trails as well as performing ongoing basic maintenance on a regular basis once the trails are cleared up.

The Leadbetter trails have been surveyed and a report given to the Refuge. The next area to be surveyed will be the trails on Long Island. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be organizing volunteers to go hike the trails and take pictures/notes of those needing maintenance, with a report back to the Refuge.

In addition to surveying trail conditions and providing basic trail maintenance on a regular basis, the Trails Committee also will be researching possible grant opportunities for future trails work.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Trails Committee, please contact me at