Trail Guide

Looking for a great winter adventure? Winter is a great time to visit the Refuge trail system. Waterfowl abound on the bay, and it is hard to keep ones eyes on the road when driving to Refuge Headquarter. Park on one of the turn-outs and enjoy the play of tides as water comes within a few short feet of Hwy 101, then receeds to a narrow channel at low tide.

From Refuge Headquarters, enjoy the changes happening daily, even hourly, on the level Art Walk.  Be aware that the Cutthrout trail can be a tad muddy when it rains. Adorn thy feet appropriately and dress for changing weather. Notice how the thick summer foliage, dormant in winter, has pulled back to give us views into the forest, hidden the rest of the year.

Continue 1.5 miles north of the Refuge on Hwy 101, and look for the sign and entrance to the Teal Slough Trail for an easy hike among some magnificent old-growth cedar and Sitka spruce trees. A bit of an upslope, but so worth the effort. Look for the sign 1.5 miles north of the Refuge on Hwy. 101.