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Tarlatt_2Travel along 95th from Sandridge Road, use pull-offs and areas near gates to safely park your car. Waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors and mammals can be seen from the roadsides. Barn swallows perch on the fence lines, savannah sparrows sing from the fence posts, and tree swallows and violet-green swallows use the nesting boxes installed along the road. The best time of the year for seeing birds along these road boundaries is during spring and fall migration (April – May, August – October).  Late fall through early spring finds the fields in the Tarlatt Unit water-logged, which makes them a safe haven for many migrating waterfowl and shorebirds.  Tarlatt Slough can be viewed from the eastern end of 95th. Look for river otters, buffleheads and mergansers.

Wildlife Viewing Blind

Turn east on 85th from Sandridge to the first gate on the left. Park at the gate and follow an old road from 85th north to the viewing blind. The blind has views of a seasonal wetlands, open fields and large conifers. Raptors, sparrows, swallows, waterfowl and even the occasional phalarope can be viewed from here.

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Getting There

From Highway 101 departing Seaview, Washington, turn north on Sandridge Road. Continue up Sandridge Road until 95th Street. Turn right at 95th Street. The Tarlatt Unit is located to the south of 95th Street. Continue down 95th Street until you reach the Tarlatt Unit gate. You may park along the gravel shoulder by the fenceline along 95th Street, though please leave the handicapped space open for those who need it.

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