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The grasslands established on diked tidelands at the south end of the bay provide shelter and feeding areas for migrating Canada geese, ducks and shorebirds, and it is in this magnificent place that Willapa National Wildlife Refuge’s new headquarters are located. Travel to the end of 67th Road to a land of wet fields and soggy forests. Raptors hunt the open fields, sparrows stalk in hedgerows, waterfowl and shorebirds can be found in open fields, saltmarsh or mudflats. Listen for the eerie calls of varied thrush or the “krrrreck” of Pacific tree frogs. Elk, otters, coyotes and long-tailed weasels dine here. Lucky visitors may encounter barn, barred, great-horned or short-eared owls. Be aware of hunting activity during fall and winter months.elk_Porter

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Getting There:

From Highway 101, turn north onto Sandridge Road just east of Seaview, Washington. At 67th Place, turn right (east). 67th Place becomes Yeaton Road, which will dead-end into the Refuge. Please do not block the refuge gate when parking.