Long Island

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Long Island Unit

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Accessible only by boat, Long Island is home to lush coastal forests, black bear, black-tailed deer and Roosevelt elk. Birds and amphibians of all sorts occupy the sloughs, mudflats and forests of this 5,460 acre refuge.

A network of trails leads visitors through forests of Sitka spruce, western hemlock and western red cedar. Experience the Don Bonker Cedar Grove, 274 acres of 1,000 years old western red cedar amidst a wide variety of plant species. Please be aware that some of these trails are rugged with exposed roots.

On the island’scedar stump east side, salt marshes are home to herons, shorebirds and ducks. These marshes form an important food chain for the bay. Although some animals feed on marsh vegetation, most of it dies, decays and recycles into the bay where their decomposing plants become the base for a food source that supports calms, worms, fish, mammals and birds. Uncover the amazing world of the refuge’s salt marsh habitat…
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Getting There

A boat ramp at Milepost 24 on state highway 101 (across from Refuge HQ) offers the best departure point for Long Island.