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Leadbetter Point Unit


Travel north to the northern tip of the Long Beach Peninsula to find a variety of habitats and wildlife viewing locations. A short trail from the parking area leads to a panoramic view of Willapa Bay, the Willapa hills and, to the north, snow-capped Olympic mountains. Spot shorebirds and waterfowl, bald eagles and blue herons on the tidal flats.

The forest is a mix of shore pine, western hemlock, wax myrtle and huckleberry bushes. Listen for the song of western tanagers, warblers and black-headed grosbeaks in summer months, and chickadees, kinglets and thrushes throughout the year.

Dune areas are home to a variety of rare plants and threatened streaked horned larks and western snowy plovers. In winter, watch for the rare snowy owl.

Follow the trails to the ocean beaches, but be sure to obey the signs for high water and nesting birds.

This is a place for wildlife. Limited human access creates a sanctuary for rare plants, hundreds of bird species, and a variety of insects and mammals. Leave your vehicle behind and discover this windswept place.
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Getting There

From Highway 101, turn north on Sandridge Road. Near Oysterville, jog west and continue north on Stackpole Road until the road terminates at the northernmost parking lot on the edge of Refuge area. It is approximately 20 miles from Highway 101 to the Leadbetter parking area. The parking lot joins the Leadbetter Unit of the Refuge and Leadbetter State Park. A Washington State Discover Pass is required to park here.