June Trails Report

Trails Report Continued

Next up in the future will be surveying and maintaining Teal Slough, in addition to assisting in any other maintenance needs of the Cutthroat Trail, hiking up to Greenhead Slough to clean up garbage in the area. Clean up of garbage along Sandridge on the west end of the South Bay unit at Tarlatt, along with clean up of garbage along 85th and 95th, as well as maintaining the road/trail/blind trail located at Tarlatt. Once the Leadbetter trails have dried up we will be marching from the Bay to the Beach and back to the Bay to survey/maintain Bearberry Trail/Weather Beach Trail as well as the Bay Loop trail.

At the end of the summer before hunting season an effort will be made to get over to Long Island on perhaps a few outings given the number of trails on the Island with the timing subject to the tides.

Anyone can participate in the Friends Trails Committee activities. The outings usually last around 3 hours. If you are interested in joining this section of the Friends of WNWR, just ship me an email indicating your interest. You do not have to be a Friend’s member to volunteer for the Refuge. Tools/safety equipment are provided.

Have a great Summer! Get out and enjoy the Refuge Trails.

Susan Stauffer

email: StaufferLaw@aol.com