EE Thank You

As a first year co-director I stood in awe of our seasoned veterans. Their ability to teach and their knowledge of the Refuge wildlife fine-tuned my science with facts, stories, wit and good advice. It was also a pleasure to reach out to others in our area and include them in this dynamic program. AmeriCorps workers and administrators came on board. It was amazing to find out several of them have either life knowledge of wildlife and/or a degree in science! Then, several people signed up during the community meetings for the Refuge Resource Center, and one signed up for next year at the Shore Bird Presentation on May 13 at the Heritage Museum. Lastly, our Refuge staff added to the year by allowing us to use the suburban to carpool to North County. They copied our materials, found salamanders for our forest habitat instruction, helped clean and load the vehicles, mowed the dike roads, installed porta potties, lead the stream micro-invertebrate station, and listened to the report outs. Everyone did this with patience and enthusiasm.

And, a big thank you to Southwest Pacific County Rotary Club for providing the funding to purchase the students notebooks and to Evergreen Septic for providing a port-a-potty and hand washing station for the field trip.

Here is our long list of 26 volunteer, staff, and co-directors

Kathleen Davies Rose Power David Ryan

Bob Duke Mike Robinson Joe Cade

Kathy and Joe Freitas Susan Stauffer Stephen Anderson

Dianne Fuller Erin VanderBroek Julie Concannon

Debi Jennings Ramona Ulbricht Alina

Allen Lebowitz Peter McNamara Jackie Ferrier and Terri Butler

Chris Macek Rachel Rule Martha Williams and Grace DeMeo

Rita Nicely Keltick Schwabel

Sandy Nielson Becky Fischer