Friends contact address:
PO Box 845
Ocean Park, WA 98640

Friends of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge Board of Directors, 2021

    • President: Charlie Pelizza
    • Vice President: Vacant
    • Treasurer: Sylvia Pelizza
    • Secretary: Kitt Fleming
    • Director: David Campiche
    • Director: Karen Strege
    • Director: Pat Welle

Board meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday of the month. Members and the public are welcomed to attend. Please contact the Board for meeting dates and location.

The Board welcomes input and volunteer offers from you—please let us know what your interests are and what ideas you have to strengthen the Friends organization and outreach efforts. Attending a Board meeting will help you become more familiar with the Refuge and what its needs are to help them achieve goals. There are many areas to help: trail maintenance, fundraising, helping with events, grant writing, volunteer coordinating and more.