Wings Over Willapa

September 28-30, 2018, join us for our inaugural Wings Over Willapa Festival! We’re... more

Nature Notes

Listen to “Butterflies” by Robert Michael Pyle, written and recorded for the Friends... more

      1 2 3 4VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Scotch Broom Removal @ LeadbetterVOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Scotch Broom Removal @ LeadbetterTime: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
We're going to take out some Scotch broom! This pernicious weed has taken over a lot of Leadbetter Point, so we're going to focus on clearing out a section of it with the goal of being able to replant it with native plants at a later point, once the broom is under control. This is a pretty physically intensive activity as the plants need to be cut down, dug out or otherwise uprooted, so bring gloves, shovels and other supplies (we'll have some extras you can borrow.) You can also bring water and snacks for yourself, too. Meet at the Leadbetter Point parking lot (the one furthest back, not the State one that you first come to) at 9am, and we'll go til about noon. It's also mosquito season; we're going to work out on the edge of the forest to reduce the numbers of bugs, but do wear some bug spray just in case. You'll also need your Discover Pass for your vehicle. Leadbetter Point Unit
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