Art Table Update

The foundation, and table and stool bases have been set at their site at the new headquarters.

Convergence Art Table Project, by Pat Welle

The Convergence Art Table Project is taking shape at the new headquarters overlooking Willapa Bay. The foundation and bases for these four table and stool sets were poured in September and October.

Artist Gary Carpenter is refining the designs for the table and stool tops – each will highlight multiple species found in refuge environments, and will be created using terrazzo, a composite made up of colored chips of marble, granite, glass, and shells.

The title of the art table project – Convergence – refers to the intersection of three environments: the forest, the coastal beaches, and the estuary, and the interdependence of each of them.

The art tables are set overlooking the south end of Willapa Bay within the edges of the forest. This space will provide visitors to the reserve an overview of the species, the environments, and the connections between them. Individuals and groups can converge to share ideas, and learn about individual species, how they are important to one another, and our role in sustaining their health.

The table installation will be completed in the spring when the drier weather allows final construction of the table and stool tops. An interpretive sign and native vegetation around the tables will also be added to the final site. We hope to have a grand opening with donors and friends to see the finished table and meet the artist.