Adventures in the Falkland Islands

Southern Rockhopper Penguin

Travel study is one of the best ways to learn about wildlife and wildlife behaviour whether on the Refuge or in far-away places. Dr. Madeline Kalbach, a Friends’ Board Member, was lucky enough to go on travel study with the University of Calgary for three weeks in October and November 2017. The first two weeks of her wildlife study sojourn took place in the Falkland Islands. If you are unfamiliar with these remote islands, The Falkland Islands are an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, over 200 miles east of Tierra del Fuego at the Southern tip of South America. Madeline wrote an account of her time there, and has include some amazing photos!

For more about the Falkland’s penguins, songbirds, sea lions, and more, read Madeline’s full account, with spendid photos, here.