WOW – Wonders of Willapa Events

Wonders of Willapa “Listen to the Night” Featured image above by Andy Zahn

Third Annual Wonders of Willapa at Tarlatt slough is a wrap! Thanks to the efforts of Kathy, Joe, Jim, Jackie, Susan, Sandy, Janean, Clay and Mike everything was set and ready at 1 pm. Mother nature, always given an open invitation to our events, attended with much gusto. Rain and wind greeted the six attendees, and undoubtedly discouraged many times more from experiencing nature at its finest.

However, we are undaunted and will be back at another time, to be determined. Please join the Friends in organizing future events, and do keep in mind that over the past three years, our dear mother has been very kind to us, so I guess we owed her this one tantrum.

Stay tuned to this website to learn more about future events, and please accept an invitation to our board meetings and become part of our wonderful future.

owls1 Greeting Arrivals scope site History Station

Ben's StationPhotos: Saw Whet owls by Kathleen Sayce, Greeting stations by Andy Zahn, Telescopes awaiting by Bob Duke, History talk and Ben’s bird station by Andy Zahn