WOW – Wonders of Willapa Events

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge offers so much natural beauty that the Friends wanted to share some highlights with our community. In 2014, Bob Duke inaugurated the Wonders of Willapa at the Tarlatt Unit of the South Bay Trail, featuring talks on natural history, bird viewing, and more. It returned two more years, each time inviting community members to join in the appreciation of this natural treasure.

By 2018, Wonders of Willapa was ready for some expansion, and grew into what we now know as Wings over Willapa, a three-day birding and nature festival whose events stretch all the way along the Long Beach Peninsula and the shores of Willapa Bay. Find out more about Wings Over Willapa at

owls1 Greeting Arrivals scope site History Station

Ben's StationPhotos: Saw Whet owls by Kathleen Sayce, Greeting stations by Andy Zahn, Telescopes awaiting by Bob Duke, History talk and Ben’s bird station by Andy Zahn