Environmental Education

Environmental Education Program

FWNWR 4th Grade Education Program photos

Environmental Education Program  in action

The Willapa National Wildlife Refuge wants kids to learn how to get involved in the natural world right in their back yards. The Environmental Education Program is designed to do just that. Each year the program visits classrooms in six schools in Pacific County.

Through this program, fourth grade students will learn vocabulary, wildlife facts and observation skills. During each 1 hour lesson, staff and volunteers bring wildlife samples into the classroom and provide hands-on lessons about the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge System, Refuge habitats, adaptations, web of life, and change. The program supports small group learning and is aligned with the Washington 4th Grade Essential Academic Learning Requirements.

The classroom instruction prepares the students for a field trip to the Refuge that includes real-life experiences in the wild.

Become a volunteer Exploration Leader

Volunteers work with small groups of children along with other volunteers and an environmental ed coordinator. Training begins in February and beginning in March there will be three classroom visits per school, ending in May with an exciting trip to the Refuge. No special science skills are necessary, just a desire to introduce kids to nature. Volunteers receive in-depth training and flexible scheduling.

Want to connect 4th graders to our natural environment?

FWNWR 4th Grade Education Program photos

Environmental Ed 4th grade classroom activities

It is fun and highly rewarding, and the Environmental Education program needs you!