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The Friends of the Willapa Wildlife Refuge, a nonprofit organization, work to support refuge programs and enhance awareness and appreciation of the Refuge. For this reason, the Friends have teamed up with Coast Community Radio to produce a weekly program, Willapa Nature Notes.

Learn about endangered species, as well as more commonly seen species, from bird expert Dr. Madeline Kalbach and how we can help the refuge, from Refuge Project Manager Jackie Ferrier. Botanist Kathleen Sayce will take the mystery out of what grows, both wanted and unwanted, along our trails, roadsides and backyards. Our production team is Kitt Flemming, from Oysterville’s Shoalwater Storytellers and Bob Duke, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Friends group.

Click here to read an August 2016 article from the National Wildlife Refuge System Newsletter


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Book Lists

Reading list by Kathleen Sayce

Plant and Gardening References Douglas Deur and Nancy Turner. 2005. Keeping It Living: Traditions... more

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Shorebirds listen 04/12/2017
Newts   listen 04/05/2017
Plum   listen 03/29/2017
Alder listen 03/22/2017
Blackbirds listen 03/15/2017
Swans   listen 03/08/2017
Education   listen 03/01/2017
Coltsfoot listen 02/22/2017
Willows   listen 02/15/2017
Woodpeckers Part 2   listen 02/08/2017
Woodpeckers Part 1 listen 02/01/2017
Lichens listen 01/25/2017
Feeders   listen 01/18/2017
Happy 80th Birthday     listen 01/11/2017
Algae   listen 01/04/2017
Feeders       listen 12/28/2016
Finch Feeding   listen 12/21/2016
JBH Birthday   listen 12/14/2016
Canopy listen 12/07/2016
Atwater pt 3 of 3   listen 11/30/2016
Atwater Part 2 of 3   listen 11/23/2016
Atwater Part 1 of 3   listen 11/16/2016
Salmon   listen 11/09/2016
Native Planting   listen 11/02/2016
Bats       listen 10/26/2016
Autumn Butterflies     listen 10/19/2016
Downlisting   listen 10/12/2016
Hummingbirds   listen 10/05/2016
Northern Pintail   listen 09/28/2016
Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge   listen 09/21/2016
An Invitation   listen 09/14/2016
Lyngby's Sedge   listen 09/07/2016
Migration     listen 09/01/2016
Pacific Blackberry     listen 08/24/2016
Long Island Cedar Grove   listen 08/17/2016
listen 08/03/2016
Mosquitos   listen 07/27/2016
Bald Eagle   listen 07/20/2016
Swallowtail Butterflies listen 07/13/2016
listen 07/06/2016
listen 06/29/2016
Varied Thrush listen 06/22/2016
Beach strawberries and black bears and garlic!  listen 06/15/2016
"Refuge"  listen 06/08/2016
"Snowy Plover"    listen 06/01/2016
Candyflower  listen 05/25/2016
Marbled Murrelet  listen 05/18/2016
Turkey Vultures  listen 05/13/2016
Amphibians  listen 05/04/2016