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Management of Invasive Weeds on Private & Public Lands

Presented  by the Friends of Willapa National Widelife Refuge, this is an important educational workshop. Learn how to identify and help remove invasive weeds on the Refuge and beyond. As we all know, weeds spread to all lands, both public and private! It is the responsibility of all of us to attempt to control them […]

Junior Duck Stamp Program

Do you have kids in kindergarten through twelfth grade? Are they interested in science, nature and art? Get them involved in the Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program! Since 1998, the Junior Duck Stamp Program has taught thousands of kids about ducks, geese and swans and the wetlands where they live. The Friends of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge want to […]

Naming of Diamond City

Thanks to Sandra Tellvik, we have more information about Diamond City, a long ago living site on the north end of Long Island. From a South Bend Journal article, dated March 8, 1895, the following is probably the most accurate description of the origin of Diamond City’s name. The story was authored by W. C. […]

Long Island Photos

  “Long Island is a magical place on the Refuge and we look forward to sharing that experience with Friends members annually.  This year’s expedition was made even more remarkable when former Congressman Don Bonker, who was instrumental to saving the ancient cedar grove, joined the hike to the trail named in his honor.”  Jackie […]

Long Island History

Long Island Facts continued: Thirteen thousand five hundred years ago the Bretz floods carved a passage from the Columbia River to Willapa Bay at Bear River. Evidence of this in the form of quartzite, fossil wood and agates carried from east of the Cascades may be found on the beachs. Gravel for the Ocean Beach […]

Botany of Long Island

Botany of Long Island by Kathleen Sayce continued: The maturing stands along the road up from the beach and main road that runs north and south on the island are a few decades older than the young hemlock stand near the grove. Woody shrubs, ferns, mosses, and in some areas, seedling trees, can be seen […]