Volunteer Opportunities

The Friends are always looking for more volunteers interested in helping with programs. Last year, Friends members volunteered the equivalent number of hours as one full-time refuge employee!

Volunteering adds to a sense of personal ownership in the Refuge System. And while that sense of ownership benefits the refuges and all the plants and animals that reside or migrate there, a personal connection with a refuge benefits volunteers too. Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about the mission and importance of the Refuge.

Schedule now to participate in various Refuge support activities that need your helping hands (and for some projects, your strong backs). While we can’t guarantee perfect weather for these work dates, we can certainly promise a fun time!

Many trails are difficult to traverse due to downed trees and overgrown vegetation. We are currently working on trail maintenance. If you would like to help, or learn more about our efforts, click on  MORE INFO

Each year, from February through May, Willapa Refuge staff and volunteers from the Friends organization enter the 4th grade classrooms in Pacific County to teach four in-class lessons on the Refuge system, bird identification, habitat, and amphibians. If you are interested in volunteering for this program, send e-mail here.

In advance of each activity, we’ll post a general invitation to everyone on our Friends email list (sign up below) and Facebook page with meeting locations and time schedules.  Check your calendar now and plan to join us!

For more information on these and other volunteer opportunities, contact the friends here.